Case study

The Sky Kortrijk

Student tower where functions and people meet

‘The Sky’ is a design for a student tower that meets the growing demand for high-quality housing for students. With its 16 floors, ‘The Sky’ is one of the highest buildings in the city of Kortrijk. More important for us, however, is the design quality of the project with 192 rooms.

We chose for mixed functions. The 12 highest floors will contain spacious rooms. Each floor has its communal kitchen. The ground floors provide functions that can also be used by VIVES High School. For example, there will be a small auditorium with a view of the park. The multifunctional space will give students the opportunity to work in peace and quiet, but also lends itself to more ambiance. The tower will also house a library and a coworking space. The bicycle shed will offer 600 places.

According to the master plan, the site of VIVES University College will be linked to those of Kulak and Syntra, creating one large campus. This will allow The Sky to be situated in a new 3,400 m² green zone, which is currently still a parking lot.

Link Lab Architecture sees it as its mission to make the urban environment more qualitative. The greening of the entire zone, in combination with a qualitative project that promotes social interaction, fits perfectly in that mission.




Client ION Development & VIVES Hogeschool
Architect TM Link Lab & Markland
Interior Design Stay Studio
Location Kortrijk (BE)
Status (2022) Building permit

Programme in detail
192 student rooms + 12 kitchens
Co-working space
Polyvalent space
Bicycle shed for 600 bicycles