Case study

Masterplan Vercruysselaan Kortrijk (BE)

Old hospital site becomes green university campus

‘The old site of the Sint-Maarten Hospital in Kortrijk will undergo a metamorphosis in the coming years. Near the centre of Kortrijk, north of the Leie and south of the inner city ring road, some 400 student rooms will be built in a green and fordable park.
The master plan follows on from the already implemented plan of the former Sint Amandscollege, where the K-tower now stands.

Around 400 student rooms, a bicycle shed, parking facilities and a caretaker’s house will be built in two phases. In the plan, ample attention is paid to environmental design, collective gardens, sitting areas and public greenery. Originally, the hospital site had a high degree of paving. The building footprint of 54% and general paving of 78% will be drastically reduced by the redevelopment.

Client Kortrijk student house BV
Masterplan Link Lab Architecture
Architect TM Linklab-Markland
Landscaping GRAS Landschapsarchitectuur
Interior design Stay Studio
Location Kortrijk (BE)
Status Environmental permit

Behind the buildings, a new cycle path will meander, leading to the north-south cycle axis, which will lead to the Leieboorden and, via the S-bridge, to the inner city.

Phases 1 and 2 will be implemented in 2022-2023. Phase 3 is adjacent to the already developed master plan of the Sint-Amandscollege and is currently still considered as a ‘search zone’.

Link Lab Architecture was also responsible