Case study

Sanapolis (BE)

A holistic design focused on people

Former sanatorium becomes a natural and recreational health park.

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Realising ideas beyond architecture

We generate ideas and we create projects by linking experts of different background in a process of co-creation. Looking beyond the traditional disciplines of architecture, urbanism, interior design and landscaping, we aim to include an open, collaborative and curious scope by involving other disciplines like communication, process management or sociology to create value based architecture.


The City is our Playground

We take responsibility in how we use space, both built and unbuilt. Spaces are a (limited) resource and we aim for responsible and durable use of it. Our process concentrates on how to rethink and to re-use existing spaces and buildings.


Centered around people

We create spaces & projects for people, by people and with people. We aim to involve as many stakeholders, as possible early in the design process. Our co-creation workshops rethink spaces to encourage people to play, live, stay and work.

Case studies