Case study

Campus Hardenvoort Antwerpen (BE)

L'école qui grandit avec l'enfant

Campus Hardenvoort is a children’s and youth campus for 335 pre-schoolers, pupils and students aged 2.5 to 18 years. Hardenvoort was designed as ‘a campus that grows with the children’.
The smaller the children, the more protective the architecture and the environment were conceived. The older children have their classrooms and playgrounds on the highest floors. This gives them an open view of the city, both inside and out. Thanks to these rooftop playgrounds, the building has a very limited footprint.

Campus Hardenvoort is one of the first schools to be built according to the Belgian passive house standard.

Architecte B2Ai*
Architecte d'intérieur B2Ai*
Ingénieur structures B2Ai*
Ingénieur techniques Ingenium
Année de livraison 2014
Surface 8.395 m²
Localisation Antwerpen (BE)
*Rita Agneessens en tant que directeur de projet